Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Blog!

My second blog (this one) is basically another place to put my art. I can't update my own website at the moment because I don't have the FTP client anymore (when I switched computers). I'll have to buy it again. $35. Not caring much about it at the moment. Should just do it, but I'll try this for now. So far most of the images I've put up are old and I think that this blog should have more newer things. My self portrait is there; that's new. The pic of Sam Carter isn't new but hasn't made it on my website yet.

Suddenly had a brilliant idea that I must try now!

Well, it was a good idea, and I have a trial version for this computer now. But I still need the serial number to "unlock" it from it's trail mode. *sigh* So, I emailed the support people and hopefully they will be able to help me so i don't have to pay for it again. I will let you know (guess i'm talking to the blog) what the outcome is.